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How to Create an Epic Home Gym

Joining a gym is a great way to stay in shape, but it ONLY works if you actually get yourself there. If getting yourself to the gym is becoming a stressful problem, eliminate that roadblock and create a personalized home gym! Whether you have limited space or a dedicated room, here are some of my best ideas to help you design a home gym that suits your style, preferences, and fitness goals.

  1. Convert a Nook into a Workout Corner: Utilize that underutilized corner of your living room or bedroom by transforming it into a mini workout area. Add an exercise mat, resistance bands, and adjustable dumbbells for a quick and effective workout whenever inspiration strikes. My absolute FAVORITE piece of equipment is the Strafit Home (pictured above). The cushions provide strength, tone and balance and takes the impact out of all your favorite cardio moves.

  2. Outdoor Oasis: If you're fortunate to have outdoor space, take advantage of it! Set up a workout area on your patio, balcony, or backyard. Consider installing a pull-up bar or a portable workout station. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while breaking a sweat.

  3. Multi-Purpose Furniture: Optimize your space by incorporating multi-purpose furniture. Invest in an exercise ball that doubles as a desk chair or a foldable workout bench that can also serve as extra seating. These versatile pieces save space and provide flexibility for various exercises.

  4. Virtual Fitness Studio: Transform your TV or computer screen into a virtual fitness studio. With a wide range of fitness apps and online classes available (like FitFunCarly!!!), you can bring the expertise of a variety of instructors and all kinds of workouts right into your home. Consider investing in a streaming device or a smart TV for easy access to your favorite fitness programs.

  5. Garage Gym: If you have a garage or an unused space, convert it into a dedicated gym area. Install rubber flooring, hang a wall mirror, and add sturdy racks for weights and equipment. Customize the space with some motivational posters (YES YOU CAN!!), good lighting, and a sound system to create an inspiring workout environment.

  6. Basement Bootcamp: Transform your basement into a dynamic workout zone. Add a punching bag or set up a mini circuit training area. Bonus, basements are usually the coolest area of the house!

  7. Dance and Fitness Party: Turn a spare room into a dance and fitness studio. Install a mirrored wall and surround yourself with speakers. You can do barre, practice yoga, or follow dance workout routines.

  8. Suspended Fitness: Get creative with suspended fitness equipment like TRX straps or aerial yoga hammocks. Hang them from sturdy ceiling hooks or use a portable stand. These versatile tools offer endless workout possibilities while engaging your core stability and strength.

Remember, your home gym should reflect your personality and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Be creative, consider your available space, and invest in equipment that aligns with your workout preferences. Designing a unique home gym ensures that exercise becomes an enjoyable and convenient part of your daily routine, which is the key to consistency!

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