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Workshops & Programs

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21 Day Upper Body Booster

Join me for a 21 Day Upper Body Booster! You will be asked to complete a 15 minute on demand "Upper Body Booster" workout each day. Every 5th day will be a recovery day. I would like you to make sure you are NOT working your upper body on the rest days! As I have said before, strength is built during the recovery as the muscles heal from the workout.

As always, the focus here is going to be on DAILY CONSISTENCY. You will NOT see results if you try to pack all these in on 1 day to play catch up. That defeats the purpose of my entire method.


You will have on demand access to this challenge until 6/1/25!

Booty Booster.png

30 Day Booty Booster 

Join me for a 30 Day Booty Booster! We'll be squatting our way to strength using bodyweight and free weights.

Each week, we will be focusing on mastering 3 different types of squats, which we will build upon daily throughout the week. Every 7th day will always be a rest day!

The last 2 days of the challenge will be the grand finale, where we will practice everything we have learned.

You will need "heavy" weights for this challenge. Whatever is heavy for you at this moment in time! You will also need a circle resistance band for the first week. 


You will have on demand access to this challenge until 6/1/25! 

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5x15 Fitness Fusion Workshop


Join Carly for a FUN 75 minute fitness sampler. This workout includes (4) 15 minute mini workouts including Barre, Strength, Low Impact HIIT and Yoga. We finish with a 15 minute meditation to help your body and mind relax and recover. 


This workshop is for ALL LEVELS! If you are just getting into fitness, it’s a great way to test the waters and if you already have a fitness routine in place, it’s a great way to get a little extra! All are welcome. Invite your friends! 


Tip sheets and templates are included.


Investment: $30 (you have access to the class to do as many times as you want for 1 year)

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Learn 10 key ways you can fuel the fire to ignite your motivation. Each topic will have time for self reflection and an "action" for you to complete. The idea being that your individual answers will become something you can reflect back on when you need an extra boost of motivation! The workshop includes a 20 minute "self confidence" meditation that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go!


A PDF workbook is included!


Investment: $77

Hard Core.png

Join me for a 28 Day HardCORE Program to help you gain strength and build confidence in your core! Each 15 min. workout will introduce  a new Core focused movement and then be presenting you with a 10 minute challenge that incorporates that movement as well as movements from the previous days. Accommodations will be provided and you will always have the choice to work on the things that you feel most comfortable with!

Hustle Brings Muscle.png

Strength and tone your upper body with me! Each day I will be teaching you a NEW Upper Body workout (10-15 min. each). On the 7th day we REST. This program is for everyBODY!! As always, accommodations will always be offered. 


This is the PERFECT program to get you back in the groove. Get 12 CHALLENGING 15-20 minute workouts that will use bodyweight, weights, sliders and resistance bands! 

(3) HIIT (Low/High)

(3) Strength

(3) Barre

(3) Yoga

Do them at your leisure or challenge yourself to complete them in order doing 3 workouts per week. 

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