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“Committing to a coaching package with Carly was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. Each week Carly created a custom workout for me to build up my strength. While we started out light, we quickly were able to see progress, both in increased strength and weight loss. Add to the fact that Carly is the most positive human being on earth! Carly's coaching was just what I needed to get my fitness back up and going, both physically and mentally. If you are looking for a way to start a workout routine or take your training to a new level Carly is the perfect fit!” 

Krysta V.

"I used to dislike going to the gym because A. I had NO clue what to do there, ie; cardio, weights, machines, how many reps?!?! how often?!?!, B. I had no idea what to do for MY body type and to reach MY personal goals, and C. I was not inspired. Because of all of these reasons, I never saw results and easily got discouraged. I would tend to stick to my yoga practice and hike and ski but I knew at my age I NEEDED to focus on strength training - I just had no idea where to begin. 

Since joining Carly's 1:1 I not only learned all of the above, but I am now inspired to go to the gym, I have hundreds of her videos at my fingertips for MY body type to meet my own personal goals AND Carly is always in my back pocket if I need her for advice, assistance or support. 

Carly is a special gal. She has a knack for holding space for her students in a loving and nurturing way. She is kind, FUNny and puts her heart into everything she offers within her FitFunCOMMUNITY. 

I am so thankful we crossed paths for so many reasons and I highly recommend Carly to any women looking to achieve their own fitness goals."

Jana O.

"I just finished the FitFunYou 66-day Mentorship program and I am back on track with regards to my exercise regimen! I have always been an avid runner and fitness fanatic- but I had lost my Mojo. Before the program, I thought I had to devote at least 60-90 minutes to exercising or it “would not be good enough”.  Work was busy and I found I was not making time for my workouts. Carly’s mentorship program has gotten me out of that funk and kept me accountable!  I now have so many tools to pull from to make my workouts fun- and can do 20 minutes of “something” and still feel good about my accomplishment. Thank you Carly!  You are such an inspiration!  I highly recommend your program to beginners and seasoned exercisers. YES YOU CAN!" 

Lynne A.

“After COVID I had trouble concentrating on keeping fit. It was harder to reinstate or kick- start back into a good work-out regimen.  I needed to make exercise a life-style again. I found FIT, FUN CARLY! Carly offered a program that in 66 days I would be on a road to exercising being a habit again and remembering to take care of myself every day by exercising. She guided me toward the right exercises for me personally.  Every day she would follow-up and see how I handled the day. She then let me take the reins and finally BAM I’m working out again on a daily basis taking care of my body and remembering what a gift it is to be alive and moving. Carly is amazing and I am forever grateful for her help.”

Amanda M.

"I joined the Goal Crusher Group with some friends in early February. From the start, Carly recognized and capitalized on the group dynamic to help us to be our best selves. The group atmosphere motivates each of us to push ourselves and have fun with the weekly challenges. We support each other in our fitness adventures, and we lift each other up when we need it. I feel so grateful to be part of this group--not only for my fitness, but also for the even greater bond it is creating to be working together toward common goals. One of Carly's many special gifts is recognizing the best in people and making people strive for that best all the time--not just in the workout arena. Imagine that gift multiplied three-fold, and you have the essence of the Goal Crusher Group."

Colleen A.

"I thought I had my fitness routine well mapped out until I signed up for Carly’s Small Group  Mentorship.  Carly’s program has given me a proverbial toolbox and each week I fill it with solid tools that help me achieve an even better fitness, health, and wellness foundation.   Participating with friends has made this program special because someone is always in your corner cheering you on! I can’t recommend Carly’s fitness mentorship enough.  Her knowledge, motivation, encouragement, and positivity has kept me so engaged and that much closer to my goals.  My toolbox is overflowing, and my foundation." is solid!"

Ann O.

"FitFunCarly is the best! Her subscription service is so easy to use and she has incredible in person as well as live Zoom classes for every fitness level and desire. It is evident in everything that she does that Carly cares deeply about all people reaching the best of their potential in the moment no matter where they are starting. Her classes embody her "let's give it the best we can with humor, humility and grace" attitude."

Karen F.

"Carly was a lifesaver for me.  I decided to do the 66 Day Challenge shortly after the holidays, knowing her motivating and genuine personality would be able to help me get back on track.  I was expecting it would be more of a personal training experience, but it was much more than that.  I was thinking I needed more workout plans and someone to push me more.  Although every case is different, I think Carly quickly identified I needed a change of mindset, not necessarily workout plans.  She knew I benefitted from those daily check ins she gave me, and weekly meetings to plan for the week ahead.  I had a lot of the tools she suggested me using on this wellness journey, but I wasn’t using them.  It didn’t take long for her to motivate me to use those tools I already had.  I know very well if my plan was any shorter than 66 days it wouldn’t have been as beneficial.  It truly takes time to form a habit, and after committing to those 66 days, I saw noticeable change in my attitude, strength, and overall mindset.  Life is hard, and when you find a wellness “coach” as impactful as Carly, consider yourself extremely lucky. Carly has successfully guided me over those speed bumps, and I will forever be grateful!"

Jodie B.

“I have struggled with ADHD for most of my life. Working with Carly has been a game changer and has greatly helped me in overcoming my challenges with ADHD. Developing sustainable exercise habits has not only improved my fitness level, but also has helped me stay focused and manage my symptoms better everyday with my work and home life. Carly keeps things fun, holds me accountable but not to the point where it's annoying, and she reminds you to notice small improvements every day which over time add up to big time positive results."

Chris N.

“Carly Fauth is the real deal – she makes fitness fun every day – in person, online, or in a pool.  I love her teaching style as she shows you how to modify it for your fitness level. You can make it as easy or difficult as you want.  She is engaging and fun which keeps you motivated to stick with an exercise routine.” 

Diane K.

“I have a disability with my legs and Carly offers a different solution to help me get my exercise time in. The chair exercises are wonderful and push me to work difficult parts of my body. Carly is always trying to help others if something doesn’t work for them. I might not be able to do all the leg exercises but I keep trying. I love the videos since I can do them whenever I want."

Cheryl S.

"From the first meeting with Carly and our group I felt for the first time in a long time "I can totally do this"! Carlys 66 day goal crusher format is nothing short of genius. Her focus on consistency and the tools needed to achieve it (which has been my personal biggest roadblock) had made THE difference for me. Doing this program with a group has so many benefits which have supported my fitness requirements: working in a "team" atmosphere: committing to working out with someone else; enjoying exercise with other like-minded people; cheering each other on and supporting one another. 

Working with Carly and my group has emphasized how important it is for me to do things (and not just exercise) that bring me joy while doing them....this little/big nugget is a theme that flows throughout the 66 day goal crusher program and is making a really big difference in my life.


I look forward to our next weekly meeting the minute our current meeting ends! And....I am doing it. I'm adding consistent movement and fitness into my life and feeling so good about it.  I love having "teammates" for support, encouragement, and for planning workouts together sometimes!"

Colleen A.

"As we know, finding and staying motivated on a fitness journey can be challenging. However, working with Carly this past year, I have never been more motivated and felt more supported during my journey. Carly truly focuses on her client's goals along with having FUN! Her positive and personable personality creates a nurturing and encouraging environment to foster growth and place you at ease."

Paije G.

"I signed up for the 66 Day Mentorship Program to get myself back into fitness after a longer-than-it-should-have-been break after 2 surgeries. I was in a really good place from a fitness perspective before the 1st surgery but didn't realize it at the time. Now that I am BACK, thanks to my time with Carly, I know that I need to keep up with my fitness routine for the rest of my life! I don't ever want to get back to square one!"

Amanda M.

"Taking the 66 day mentorship with Carly has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and my fitness! I have been through many phases and programs on my fitness journey, but I never quite felt secure or grounded in my fitness approach and I lacked consistency. Carly's enthusiastic, compassionate guidance has helped me open a whole new fitness world for myself. Not only did she meet me where I was, she also supported and encouraged me to meet myself there and be open to a new perspective on my personal strength and fitness. Her expertise and kindness gave me the tools to create fitness system that I will be able to grow and develop and adjust to my needs continuously. Working with Carly has been such a life changing positive experience that I recommend her mentorship program to everyone."

-Melora M.

“I love working out with Miss Carly because she gives you great support. All of her workouts are super fun and make your body super strong. If you work hard enough you even sometimes get a prize!” 

Evan H. - 12 years old

“The best part of working with Carly is that she never gives up on me or anyone else. Being able to work with Carly is the best part of any of my days.” 

Austin R. - 12 years old

"I've been in a fitness rut for years. Yes, I was working out, but I dreaded most any type of workout (especially those that involved sweating). I was consistently inconsistent and really didn't hold myself accountable for skipping days or even weeks. Carly helped me change my relationship with fitness.Baby steps made all the difference to get my confidence up to do longer and more intense workouts, and those baby steps also helped me realize that some days a 15 minute workout is enough. Along my fitness journey Carly has encouraged me while also holding me accountable. Today I don't dread working out. I'm not going to say I'm always super excited about it. Some days I'm just not. But most days I do it, and I always feel better when I'm done, even when I'm all sweaty."

Kristin R.

"I have been referring to this as my era of middle-age madness. Too many days have felt like trudging uphill through mud. Not sure what to do, I remembered a time when I was active, and felt good about fitness. I remembered a time when it was easier to find joy in movement. I remembered Carly Nyland Fauth and her boundless joy and positivity. So I reached out and signed up for a 1:1 fitness mentorship. Best decision ever. Carly has been a conduit back to fitness and an infectious force to whom I can’t say no….only “Yes, I can”. All of this is in addition to being a genuinely down to earth, nice person with great playlists! #lifeline #vibrantthang".

Lynn C.

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