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Give Your Scale a Time-Out.

I recently received a message from a client. It said, "I have spent my entire life trying to achieve a number on a scale and I was miserable. I have finally accepted the fact that I may never be skinny and that is ok. I have made a lot of healthy changes in my life and have really started enjoying exercise. I feel confident in my body now. This is what I have been waiting for and I didn't even realize it. I threw my scale away. Thank you."

I think we all can agree that we live in a society that most often emphasizes weight loss, six pack abs, bulging biceps and achieving a specific number on the scale when it comes to fitness. I get it. We all want to look our best physically and those goals aren't necessarily bad, but if those things are all you are focusing on when working out, you are missing SO MUCH. And truth be told, the pressure you are putting on yourself may start to become overwhelming and unhealthy. If you are looking to build a true, long lasting and sustainable relationship to fitness, it's extremely important to recognize the myriad of other reasons why working out should be an integral part of our lives. It's crucial to shift our focus to the powerful benefits of exercise that extend beyond just the physical!

Exercise boosts self confidence. Exercise has a remarkable impact on self-confidence and body image. Regular physical activity helps build strength, improve posture, and enhance overall physical appearance. Engaging in exercise not only changes the way we look but also how we perceive ourselves. It allows us to appreciate the strength and capabilities of our bodies, fostering a positive self-image and enhancing self-confidence.

Exercise elevates mood and mental well-being. Exercise is a natural mood booster and stress reliever. When we engage in physical activity, our bodies release endorphins that promote feelings of happiness and well-being. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, enhance brain function, and improve overall mental health. It provides an awesome outlet for stress, allowing us to clear our minds, improve our mood, and face life's challenges with renewed energy.

Exercise builds resilience. The mental strength gained through exercise goes far beyond physical endurance. Consistent workouts require dedication, discipline, and perseverance. By setting and achieving fitness goals, we develop a resilient mindset that extends beyond the workouts. The discipline and determination grown during exercise can be applied to various areas of life, empowering us to overcome obstacles and face adversity head-on!

Exercise improves energy level and sleep! Exercise can actually boost energy levels and improve sleep quality at the same time! Regular physical activity increases blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients to our muscles and organs, resulting in higher energy levels throughout the day. In addition, exercise helps regulate sleep patterns, promoting deeper and more restful sleep, which in turn supports overall well-being. Just be careful you don't exercise right before bed because you may have a hard time falling asleep!

Exercise helps cultivate healthy habits. Engaging in regular exercise sets the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. It promotes other positive habits such as mindful eating, hydration, and stress management. As we become more attuned to our bodies' needs and experience the benefits of physical activity, we're motivated to make healthier choices in all aspects of our lives!

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I haven't owned a scale for almost 10 years. I pay attention to how I feel and how my clothes fit (which in fairness, will change as we age anyway.) Once I started paying attention to what made me feel good, inside and outside, the "number" did not matter to me anymore.

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