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3 Reasons Why Health & Wellness Should Be Added to Your Company's Learning Programs!

If you noticed your employees were less proficient than expected at designing necessary spreadsheets then you would probably find them Excel training. After the Excel training, you would likely notice that productivity had increased, directly affecting the bottom line. You would then look back upon your decision fondly because the result was clear cut and a tangible skill was improved.

What happens if you start to notice something a bit more ambiguous like your employees' stress level rising? Maybe they are getting sick more often and missing work. Perhaps you notice a sudden lack of efficiency or a dip in morale. As managers, these can be sensitive things to address and oftentimes, even harder to figure out exactly how to help. These types of things may seem like they have nothing to do with the measurable success of your business, so they get pushed aside for the more “important” things.

But, the mental and physical health of your employees is indeed extremely important because without a high functioning workforce, chances are, your company will not continue to grow and prosper. Introducing a Health & Wellness Learning Program can be the key to creating enduring results that not only benefit your employees, but the entire organization as well.

The purpose of a Company Health & Wellness Program is to empower employees with health and wellness skills that will enable them to achieve optimal mental and physical health. This has been shown to positively affect employee morale and job satisfaction while optimizing performance and productivity. Bottom line, when you invest in your employees’ physical and mental health, you are actually investing in the quality and longevity of your company.

Here are 3 reasons why your company could benefit from a Health & Wellness Learning Program:

Health & Wellness Programs Increase Productivity

  • Wellness programs that focus on helping employees develop healthy habits have been proven to increase employee motivation which leads to higher productivity. “In a study conducted at the University of California and Washington University in Saint Louis, Mo. research found that participation in a company wellness program increased average worker productivity by over 5 percent — roughly equivalent to adding one additional day of productive work per month for the average employee.” *

Wellness Programs Build Employee Morale

  • As many athletes will tell you, much of the magic from being a sports team comes from bonding with teammates working hard towards a common goal. Introducing a Health & Wellness Program allows employees to cheer for each other and hold one another accountable. This team environment develops a “your success is my success” mentality.

Wellness Programs Can Help Retain and Recruit Employees

  • There is nothing better than feeling like you are valued and cared for. Offering a Health and Wellness program to your employees immediately establishes that you care for them and they are appreciated. In today’s competitive market, this is something that will draw people in and can give you an edge over your competitors in attracting top talent.

  • Establishing a company culture that values the physical and mental wellness of its employees gives people a reason to stay, instead of a reason to leave.

Interested in offering an affordable wellness program to your employees? Let's talk!

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