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FitFunYOU - Work With Me 1:1

FitFunYou 66 Day Mentorship Program​

Why 66 days? A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology suggests it takes 66 days to form a habit.  Join me for a 66 day journey to believe in YOU like I do. 


FitFunYOU 66 Day Mentorship Investment: $999/client

  • 9 week FitFunCarly Virtual Subscription 

  • 1, 60 minute Zoom consultation with Carly

  • A customized 9 week exercise plan based on the client’s needs

  • 1, 30 minute Zoom call/week to check in and answer questions

  • Email access to Carly for 9 weeks for any daily questions or need for motivation or advice

  • After the 9 weeks, clients are eligible for a “Refresher” 30 min Zoom call with Carly at any time for $40. 


Carly will leverage her decades of teaching experience in various fitness modalities, as well as her personal experience as a lifelong fitness fanatic, to customize a 9 week exercise plan based on your specific needs, taking into account any limitations that you feel are holding you back. Through weekly 1:1 face to face Zoom meetings, you will have the unique opportunity to create a meaningful and supportive connection in the world of virtual fitness. In addition, you will have email access to Carly at any time during your 66 Day Mentorship Program. You will also receive a 9 week FitFunCarly Subscription to supplement the fitness program Carly creates for you. 


At the end of the 66 days, you will have a solid base and understanding of how to create and maintain a fitness schedule for yourself that you actually enjoy. You will have more energy, feel better about your body and gain the self confidence you need to be the kick ass captain of your own ship! A new and sustainable healthy habit will be formed. And the support you receive from Carly does not end there. It lasts a lifetime! As a 66 Day Mentorship client, if you ever feel like you need an extra boost or find yourself slipping into old habits, you can schedule a “refresher” call with Carly at a special discount.


As a result of Carly’s vast experience in many different forms of fitness, Carly has been fortunate to build a network of trusted fitness and wellness professionals who she will use to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for in your fitness plan. Depending on your needs, she will refer you to other instructors who may be a good fit for you. Please note, there is no obligation for you to do business with these resources. You can think of Carly as your personal source of fitness and wellness knowledge!

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