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How to Avoid Being Infected

In life, I have found that there are people who AFFECT you and those who INFECT you. Sometimes it's important to take a step back and analyze the company you keep or the people you align yourself with and try to notice the role each person is playing in your life . When you surround yourself with people who AFFECT you in a positive way, it becomes much easier to stay focused on the goals you have set for yourself. These humans are the ones cheering for you even when you forget how to cheer for yourself. And they don't just do it for you, they clap their hands for everyone inside and even outside of their circle. They remind you of your greatness simply by shining their light on you when it seems a little dark. These people understand there is plenty of light for everyone so they never feel threatened. Being around these people is energizing and good for the soul.

Conversely, negativity tends to INFECT. If you surround yourself with people who don't see the value in lifting up others, it can be draining. Life may start to seem really hard and bad habits may feel impossible to break. It's easy to lose hope surrounded by negative vibes.

Being mindful of who you are surrounding yourself with is a HUGE part of the journey towards creating healthy habits. Stay close to the people who truly want the best for you and who are willing to lend a hand when you need one. Positive energy is real and it's contagious! The more you surround yourself with those who give off light, the more light you will feel on the inside. And once you have that, ANYTHING is possible.

I'm very fortunate to know MANY people who have shared their positive vibes with me and made me a better person because of it, but in regards to my fitness journey, there are two women who jump out in my mind as people who have had a great AFFECT on me. These two women do similar things that I do, which can be tricky in the world of fitness when everyone is trying to make their mark and get ahead. But time and time again, they shine their light on me in their own special way. And it's not just me they do it for, it's their clients and students as well! They have both created such SPECTACULAR environments where positivity and encouragement is valued above all else.

If you live in the Milford, MA area and are looking for a fantastic studio that makes you feel welcomed and encouraged from the minute you walk in the door, check out FFPN, owned by Cara Ferrone. She's worked her butt off these past few years to create a really special and safe space where everyone feels supported in reaching their personal goals.

And if you live near Upton, MA and you like to exercise outdoors, you need to check out "Fit Life in Leggings", Michele Arthur's Parking Lot classes. During Covid she took her magical fitness classes outside and never went back in. She has a loyal and fierce following who always welcome new friends to the group!

And if you don't live locally and can't check out these 2 places, don't fret! I'm sure you have some really supportive studios/fitness centers near by! Take the time to check them out and find the place that AFFECTS it's members and students with positivity and constantly reminds you of just how awesome you are!

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