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3 Things to Try This Winter


I absolutely LOVE snowshoeing and I can honestly say it's one of the things that get me through the long and cold winters up here in New England. Snowshoeing can be done anywhere you would take a hike! And the gear you need is extremely affordable compared to some of the other fun winter sports out there. I love this pair from LL Bean. It's also a fun family activity if you can convince your kids to try it. Snowshoeing is an EXCEPTIONAL cardio workout that builds muscle, endurance and agility (you can burn 1,000 calories per hour). But my favorite thing about putting on my snowshoes is knowing I'm going to get a chance to get some fresh air and connect to nature, which always makes my heart feel really good!


  • Layer! Trust me, you WILL work up a sweat so it's best to have layers you can take off as needed so you don't overheat. I always like to start out feeling a little cold, because I know how fast I'm going to heat up!

  • Make sure to wear a COMFORTABLE pair of waterproof boots on top of your snowshoes. Make sure they are not too heavy either. I like wearing a lighter pair of boots with a good pair of warm socks.

  • Bring a snack, water and band-aids. Because snowshoeing burns so many calories, you may feel hungry quicker than you think and it's always important to stay hydrated. As for the band-aids, you never know when a painful blister may pop up on your feet! Be prepared so you can be comfortable and fully enjoy the experience.


Winter is a great time to find an indoor pool and add some water workouts to your fitness repertoire. I'm obviously partial to SplasHIIT which we created as a way to get a high intensity workout without all the stress on your joints that can often happen during land exercise. It's a great way to cross train for all your other activities and adds a new kind of challenge for your body. Working out against the resistance of the water is no joke! Check out your local YMCA or fitness facilities with pools and see what kinds of aqua fitness classes they offer.

If you aren't into classes, try swimming laps or purchase an aqua belt and start aqua jogging in the deep end of the pool. The belt not only helps keep your form in check, but it also keeps your head above water so you can listen to all your favorite playlists or podcasts without getting your ear buds soaked.

Working out in the water is not only good for your body, it's good for your spirit as well. I've said it many times, but I truly believe the water is magic. There is no better feeling than finishing a swim or aqua workout, taking a hot shower and enjoying the endorphins that are flowing through your body. It's a unique and special post-workout kind of euphoria.


  • Wear a supportive swim suit. The last thing you want to worry about during your water workout is what's hanging out. Wear something that makes you feel good.

  • Hydrate. Because you don't sweat in the water, it's easy to forget to take sips of water during your workout. Don't get dehydrated!

  • Let go of the fear of putting on a bathing suit. Nobody cares what you look like except you. GET OVER YOURSELF and get in the water.


Working out can get frustrating when you are not seeing the physical results as quickly as you would like to. The truth is, those changes can take a while to show up. In the meantime, it's really helpful to shift focus from the physical to the mental results we can see from fitness. The good vibes, self confidence and overall sense of wellbeing that result from exercise can be noticed almost immediately! You don't have to wait around to see it. Start noticing it TODAY. Focus on that. IT'S JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE PHYSICAL RESULTS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Winter is such a great time for self reflection which can lead to amazing personal growth. Believe in yourself and trust the process. Hard work pays off.


  • Put away your scale. It's as simple as that.

  • Start a Fitness Gratitude Journal. Every time you finish a workout, take a few minutes to reflect on all the positive things you feel at that moment. Don't allow any negative thoughts in your journal.

  • Invite friends to join you on your fitness journey. Maybe it's just meeting up for a walk or taking a yoga class together. Working out with people you like enhances the entire fitness experience.

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